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The Girlfriend Experience is a television show that was influenced by the movie of the same name. It is about a beautiful young woman who comes to New York City, and ends up as a high end call girl. She ends up living in the lap of luxury thanks to her rich, high end clients. But things take a turn, and she has to be a little more careful with her money. The recession of 2008 has hit, and her rich clients are not immune to it. it. Her clients still see her, but less frequently, and less services. They complain to her about their money woes, and she has to act interested even when she's not. Their money woes give her less greenbacks. She also has to deal with a boyfriend, and a life that has to be led somewhat discreetly.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on starz
3 Seasons, 23 Episodes
April 10, 2016
Cast: Anna Friel, Carmen Ejogo, Louisa Krause, Riley Keough
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The Girlfriend Experience Full Episode Guide

  • Bria takes matters into her own hands in order to escape Ian.

  • With an impending trial date, Ian attempts to reign in Bria by stepping up his surveillance of her.

  • Bria expands the boundaries of the GFE when she brings Kayla along on a date with Paul. When Paul still refuses to have sex with Bria, she finds herself expanding her client base in order to meet her needs. Meanwhile, Ian continues to probe for the truth as the trial date looms.

  • Despite orders to lay low, Bria meets with a new client, triggering Ian's suspicions.

  • Bria Jones, a former GFE, enters the witness protection program in order to escape an abusive relationship. When she is relocated to a small town in New Mexico, she finds the GFE world beckoning her once again.

  • Anna breaks some big news to Erica and Erica begins to feel increasing pressure at work.

  • Erica gets a suspicious call from a representative of a secretive potential donor. Anna subjugates herself to Erica's sexual desires and makes a startling decision to solidify their personal relationship.

  • Erica meets with a powerful Wall Street financier and makes a deal with Maryland Attorney General Gregory Shaw to suppress damaging information on Senator McCord. Meanwhile, Novak seeks revenge against Erica and Anna.

  • Erica is contacted by a financier.

  • Erica Myles, the finance director at Right To Action, a Republican super PAC, enlists the help of an escort, Anna Garner, in an attempt to gain access to a secret, dark money donor network.

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